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Cross Country Team Breakfast of champions
A Message From The Principal

December 20, 2016

Dear Parents and Guardians,

I would like to share a few updates from the high school.

Mid-Terms: This year mid-terms will be held on the following dates:

Friday, January 13th
Friday, January 20th
Friday, January 27th

A schedule is attached for your review. Please go over this schedule with your child so that they are aware of when they have scheduled tests. The mid-term schedule is attached at the very bottom and will also be posted on the website, along with the transportation schedule for testing days.

As you will notice, all courses are scheduled into two-hour blocks that enable students to demonstrate their learning in a more comprehensive manner. This schedule is also less disruptive to the school week and enables seniors’ greater flexibility to prepare them for the adjustment to a college experience.

We’ve had several celebrations this fall at PVHS. We officially opened the Upperclassmen Lounge with laptop/cell phone charging stations and comfortable seating that is widely used by students. We celebrated our Learn Art students for their painting contribution to our school, and we congratulated the Boys and Girls Cross Country Teams with a Breakfast of Champions for their League Championship. We are also excited to welcome back the Class of 2016 for their first Alumni Breakfast in the new lounge to talk with faculty with a follow-up in the PAC for questions from students. This will be an important event to help support our seniors who will be making a critical transition soon.

Our clubs have been very active as well. Our Make A Difference Club sponsored Rachel’s Challenge, an assembly that focused on what it means to demonstrate kindness every day. Our History Club helped us to acknowledge the 75th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor and our SADD Club brought toys to children at Maria Ferreri for the holidays. Our World Languages Club held its annual International Feast that is always popular. Our Debate Club has grown in numbers and our new Guitar Club has over 35 members! Our clubs serve a very important role in opening new horizons for our students and we encourage as many students as possible to participate.

This year we opened our new Achievement Center, which is a class to help students get organized, and develop a greater connection to school through a variety of activities. We are very pleased with the positive student and parent feedback on this class, and look forward to continuing this program next year.
We are in the process of bringing a Peer Mediation program to PVHS where teachers work with students to resolve some of their own conflicts. Mark Weiss, a Putnam Valley resident and trainer from Operation Respect, has been collaborating with administration and staff on this initiative. We feel the strategies that students will learn in this program will help them throughout their lifetime and will be another key way to build a positive climate at PVHS.

On another note, we continue to be challenged by social media and its presence in student lives today. Social media is a very powerful took that we continually try to educate our students about. Unfortunately, many students still do not understand the dangers of posting nude pictures, posting harassing messages or the extent of their digital footprint. We will continue to work on this issue with your help. I am attaching a link from Common Sense Media that is helpful to parents and explains many of the most recent apps and how they are used.


Progress reports will be posted this Wednesday (12/21) before holiday break. As always, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s teachers or guidance counselor if you feel your child is struggling academically, socially or emotionally. We are here to provide your child with the support that they need to be successful.

Everyone at PVHS wishes all of our families a Happy Holiday!


Sandra Intrieri

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PVHS Summer Reading and Community Read 2016
HS Lunch Menu for January
1/3/17 1/3/17 - SCHOOL OPENS
1/9/17 1/9/17 College Advice Night - Q&A with PVHS Alumni" Monday, January 9th at 7:00 PM in the HS Library
1/10/17 1/10/17 - Chorus Concert - 7 pm - HS PAC (Snow Date - 1/11/17)
1/13/17 1/13/17 - MIDTERMS
1/18/17 1/18/17 - HS Band Concert - 7 pm - HS PAC (Snow Date- 1/25/17)
1/20/17 1/20/17 - MIDTERMS
1/21/17 1/21/17 - SAT
1/23/17 1/23/17 thru 1/27/17 - REGENTS WEEK
1/27/17 1/27/17 MIDTERMS / END OF 2ND QUARTER
1/31/17 1/31/17 - Science National Honor Society Induction - 7pm - PAC (Snow Date - 2/1/17)
2/4/17 2/4/17 - TIGER TOURNAMENT (Cheerleading) (Snow Date - 2/5/17)
2/15/17 2/15/17 - Science Research Program - Meeting with Freshmen & Parents - 7 to 8 pm - HS Cafeteria
2/16/17 2/16/17 - Mu Alpha Theta Induction (Math Honor Society) (Snow Date - 2/17/17)
2/20/17 2/20 & 2/21/17 - WINTER RECESS - NO SCHOOL
2/22/17 2/22/17 - TRI-M INDUCTION (Music Honor Society) - 7 pm - PAC (Snow Date - 2/23/17)
3/4/17 3/4 & 3/5/17 - Catalyst March SAT Bootcamp - 9am - 1pm
3/9/17 3/9/17 - Harlem Wizards - 4 pm - HS Gym
3/31/17 3/31 thru 4/2/17 - SPRING MUSICAL - HS PAC
4/7/17 4/7/17 - END OF 3RD QUARTER
4/10/17 4/10/17 THRU 4/17/17 - SPRING RECESS - NO SCHOOL
4/20/17 4/20/17 - National Honor Society Induction - 7 pm - PAC
4/28/17 4/28/17 - PEERS Partnership Presentation - 7 pm - PAC
5/1/17 5/1 thru 5/5/17 - AP EXAMS - HS LIBRARY
5/6/17 5/6/17 - SAT
5/8/17 5/8 THRU 5/12/17 - AP EXAMS - HS LIBRARY
5/12/17 5/12 THRU 5/13/17 PVCSD HOSTS NYSSMA
5/16/17 5/16/17 - BUDGET VOTE
5/18/17 5/18/17 - BLOOD DRIVE - HS GYM
5/19/17 5/19/17 - Mid-Point 4th Quarter
5/26/17 5/26 thru 5/29/17 - MEMORIAL DAY RECESS - NO SCHOOL
5/30/17 5/30/17 - 9TH GRADE ACADEMIC AWARD CEREMONY - 9th Period
5/31/17 5/31/17 - 10th Grade Academic Awards Ceremony - 9th Period
5/31/17 5/31/17 - BAND CONCERT - 7 PM - HS PAC
6/1/17 6/1/17 - 11TH GRADE ACADEMIC AWARDS CEREMONY - 9th Period
6/3/17 6/3/17 - SAT
6/5/17 6/5 thru 6/9/17 - SENIOR WEEK
6/7/17 6/7/17 - HS CHORUS CONCERT - 7 PM - HS PAC
6/14/17 6/14/17 - SENIOR SLIDE SHOW - 8TH & 9TH PERIODS - HS PAC
6/14/17 6/14/17 - SENIOR AWARD CEREMONY - 7PM - HS PAC
6/14/17 6/14 THRU 6/21/17 - REGENTS EXAMS
6/21/17 6/21/17 - SENIOR PROM
6/22/17 6/22/17 - LAST DAY OF SCHOOL
6/23/17 6/23/17 - HS GRADUATION - 7 PM - TURF FIELD (RAIN DATE - 6/24/17 - 9 AM)
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